Entertainment Basement Remodel

PROJECT: The customer contacted us via a referral from across the street, the Community Builder & Real Estate Agent. We were in the process of completing their neighbor's basement. They were going to be closing on their home and moving here from another State. Right after closing on the home, they wanted to completed 2/3 of their basement in order to completely move into their new home, they had a finished basement in their previous house and many items they wanted to place in their new basement. The home owner and I spoke several times over the phone and coordinated most of the details through drawings and phone conversations. After understanding the scope of work of the project, we submitted our drawings and estimate for their review. They were pleased with our estimate and chose to move forward with us.

CUSTOMER NEEDS: The homeowners had 2 main objectives 1) to complete the project before March Madness was over 2) for us to make all the finish selections. On the onset, we shared with the homeowner that it was a tight schedule and we would prefer to under commit and over deliver. He asked us to complete it as close to March 1st as possible. We completed the project on March 2.

PROCESS: The homeowner had 6 children, 5 of which still lived in the home and a husband who traveled throughout the week. She had many priorities to get in place with her children, so she placed her trust in us to make the selections. In some cases we brought some selections by her home for approval and in other cases, we made the selections.

RESULTS: She was very pleased with the selections and the finished look of their basement.

The main framing of the unfinished basement remained the same. We added some walls against the exterior basement walls, trey ceilings and some interior walls to help divide the space.

The homeowners design scope of work included: a kitchenette, full bathroom with a stand up shower, a gym, a family room, and a work shop. He had some vinyl tile he wanted us to use for the gym and the work shop and had a specialty oven that needed a special outlet. And he wanted us to eliminate as many trey ceilings as possible, keeping the 10 foot ceilings throughout. We were able to achieve this request in 4 of the 5 rooms; we needed to place one in the family room.

We were very pleased to work with them and were delighted when they began to share their praises with their neighbors, real estate agent and builder.