Bragg Basement Remodel

PROJECT: Complete basement remodel

WHERE THEY FOUND US: The Bragg's found us on the internet and wound up interviewing three contractors.

CUSTOMER NEEDS: During our pre-construction meeting, they explained their vision with us, which we helped edit based upon our experience. Originally, they were looking to create a kitchenette; however, we felt that it would be better situated in a different location and that-since they were currently exercising in a room with exposed fiberglass insulation that could be harmful to their health on a long-term basis-they should finish their exercise room during this phase. In addition, they were looking to install engineered hardwood floors but we stressed that placing them in an area with such high levels of moisture might create warranty problems down the road.

Two of our previous customers agreed to speak with the Bragg's over the phone to share their experience, which they greatly appreciated. After considering our breadth of knowledge and overall honesty in helping them adjust their vision, they awarded CRES Builders Corp. the job.

RESULTS: Their project took six weeks to complete, which allowed us to finish before their deadline of Thanksgiving. Aside from being extremely pleased with the outcome, they indicated that they would be more than happy to share their experience with others and have already given our name to their neighbor.